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AJI G.I.D.C. Industries Association

As a sea city and Sorashtna capital of Gujarat, Rajkot is advancing at an unrelenting pace on the road to development. Three decades ago, the Aji area of ​​Rajkot began to flourish with small, medium and large scale industries. The facilities of this industrial estate should be maintained, various industrialists should meet each other, attitudes and activities should be introduced and a sense of union should be developed so that by collective efforts big and small problems can be solved, new facilities can be created and established industries can provide the entire nation with appreciable results through progress. For that, the idea of ​​setting up a platform and an organization was floated. This good idea got word and this organization was born in 1983. The first step was recruitment of the organization on 26-4-1983. .Commissioned Sea Industries Association. With the passage of time, organizational trends continued to evolve.

From the inception of this institution till today, the service and experience of many eminent dignitaries has been benefited. Important works were done in this organization under his presidency. Late Shri Naranbhai Gol developed the organization through his vision, experience and guidance. The co-operation of all the members created a unique identity of this organization.

With the sad demise of Shri Naranbhai Gol in the year 2005, the organization lost an iron, strong Sutradhar. It seemed impossible to cover their loss. All the executive members deliberated for the presidentship of the association and chose Mr. Sirishbhai Ravani as the new president and Mr. Sirishbhai was unanimously appointed as the president. Shri Shirishbhai accelerated the progress of the organization through tireless and conscientious efforts. Every week for a fixed time three-four other members brainstormed and planned to carry out the next plans of the organization successfully.

Today, Aji GIDCE has taken the form of a banyan tree. The genius of Aji Industrial Colony has been noted at the national level. The entire nation develops only through industrial production. That means industry is the first step in the journey of nation development. Which is being achieved today through industry. It is requested that this organization gradually develop and expand.

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AJI G.I.D.C. Industries Association

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