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As a sea city and Sorashtna capital of Gujarat, Rajkot is advancing at an unrelenting pace on the road to development. Three decades ago, the Aji area of ​​Rajkot began to flourish with small, medium and large scale industries. The facilities of this industrial estate should be maintained, various industrialists should meet each other, attitudes and activities should be introduced and a sense of union should be developed so that by collective efforts big and small problems can be solved, new facilities can be created and established industries can provide the entire nation with appreciable results through progress. For that, the idea of ​​setting up a platform and an organization was floated. This good idea got word and this organization was born in 1983. The first step was recruitment of the organization on 26-4-1983. .Commissioned Sea Industries Association. With the passage of time, organizational trends continued to evolve. From the inception of this institution till tod...

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AJI G.I.D.C. Industries Association

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